Discover the versatility of our mixed-sized sets of IKAT cushion covers. We offer the following options to suit your needs:

  • Sets of 2 in 40x40 cm: Perfect for adding a pop of color and texture to your seating area, these cushion covers measure 40x40 cm, providing a standard square size for your pillows.

  • Sets of 2 in 40x60 cm: Create a dynamic and stylish look with our sets of 2 cushion covers measuring 40x60 cm. These rectangular covers are ideal for layering and adding visual interest to your space.

  • Sets of 3 in 40x40 cm and 40x60 cm: For a harmonious mix of sizes, our sets of 3 include both 40x40 cm and 40x60 cm cushion covers. This versatile combination allows you to play with different dimensions and create a visually appealing arrangement.

Please note that we specialize in selling cushion covers only. You have the option to order the combinations listed above, or you can request custom-made orders based on fabric availability and quantity requirements. We are happy to accommodate your specific preferences and create unique combinations tailored to your taste.

It's important to understand that the traditional process of making IKATs may result in minor imperfections in the fabric or slight variations in color. These characteristics are inherent to the handmade nature of IKAT textiles and contribute to their unique charm.

To maintain the beauty and integrity of the fabric, we recommend dry cleaning only. Each cushion cover is meticulously handmade in Istanbul, Turkey, showcasing the skilled craftsmanship and cultural heritage of our region.

Transform your living space with the allure of our IKAT cushion covers. Experience the perfect blend of style, tradition, and artistry, adding a touch of elegance to your home.