Introducing Velvetica's Mini Totebags, now available with a variety of handle options to suit your style. Choose between the elegance of REAL BAMBOO handles or the sleek BAMBOO LOOKING handles made of hard plastic. Additionally, we offer Mini Totebags with luxurious Velvet handles and classic Leather handles.

These Mini Totebags combine style and functionality, designed to be your everyday city companion, adding a touch of chic and fashion to your ensemble. With a wide range of color choices, you can find the perfect Mini Totebag to suit your individual taste. Don't be fooled by their compact size - these bags are extremely strong and durable. The stiff sides of the bag allow it to stand up on its own, making it easy to see what's inside and keeping everything organized. The medium reinforced handles are sturdy and comfortable to carry, whether by hand or over the shoulder.

Inside, you'll find a small pocket, perfect for keeping essentials like keys and coins within easy reach. Our commitment to quality extends to the materials we use. Each Mini Totebag is crafted with care and attention to detail, ensuring that it meets our high standards. Experience the versatility of our Mini Totebags by adding a Shoulder chain, allowing you to wear it cross-body for added convenience. Find the perfect combination that reflects your unique personality and completes your stylish ensemble. Elevate your fashion game with Velvetica's Mini Totebags - the epitome of style and functionality.